How it all started …  As a marmalade lover, Simon set out over 30 years ago to make a marmalade that would fulfil his requirements for a dark & tangy conserve – something he couldn’t find on a shop shelf. After a few mishaps, including a set so solid he struggled to get the marmalade out of the jar, he managed to produce a Seville orange and lemon marmalade that was rich, dark & tangy, a flavour like no other, devoured by all who tried it…

Simon has now added Simon’s Marmalade Gin Liqueur which has this marmalade at its heart. A carefully selected London Dry Gin with a recipe dating back to 1909 is infused over several weeks to impart the flavour of Simon’s Marmalade to the gin. This involves careful agitation during the first week to ensure an even distribution of the marmalade within the gin. Once the infusion is complete, the gin liqueur goes through 3 filtration processes to remove the larger and finer particles of marmalade which have imparted their flavour. It is then bottled.

Although Simon’s Shortbread takes his name, the credit of this truly amazing shortbread goes to Nicola. The secret to Nicola’s light, crisp, melt-in-the mouth experience is closely guarded, but Simon is always keen to taste each batch before it bears his name!

The brand name of Simon’s Table was an easy one to come up with. As the marmalade was the starting point to bring products from ‘our table to yours’ it seemed fitting to name the company after Simon. However, he will be the first to let you know that the Table would not be standing without Nicola and that this new venture is very much a joint affair, as is their life together.



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