We are Chosan. Our aim is to bring a taste of the exotic to you through our baobab or hibiscus-based
food and drinks. They’re all vegan friendly, gluten free and free from artificial sweeteners and
additives. We’re more than just producers of baobab and hibiscus products turned into Jams,
Chocolate Spread, Sorbets and Drinks.

During my childhood in Gambia, I always loved the fresh food and drink my aunt would make us.
She’d use a variety of local fruits and make them really simple, without any extracts, colourings, or
artificial flavourings. Inspired to share this experience with others, I decided to create my own range
of exotic, organic drinks, fresh fruit sorbets and baobab jams using the same simple methods my
aunt used.

This range is called Chosan, a word which means ‘cultural heritage’ in the Wolof language
we speak in The Gambia. By using fruits and plants indigenous to Africa, I like to think that Chosan’s
delicious hibiscus and baobab products pay homage to this rich heritage. And so, I became
committed to helping them do just that. Every sale from the Chosan range adds to the donation we
make to food producers in Africa. This goes a small way to helping them do as much as they can with
the amazing fruits they cultivate.



Topic: Chosan by Nature
Hosted By: Trade Gateways
Start: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 11:00
Category: live
Duration: 15 minutes
Current Timezone: Europe/London

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