Founders Paul and Chris met in an office 20 years ago, but their interest in beekeeping led them to London rooftops where they cared for millions of bees. Whilst they still have hives in London, they now also support several other British beekeepers whilst showcasing the best honey the UK has to offer.

Their seasonal varieties demonstrate how the taste, texture, and colour of honey changes dramatically due to the flowering plants surrounding the hives at that time of year. Whilst the company has grown and evolved, the founding principles still prevail; that their honeys remain unpasteurised and unblended, course filtered, and that each jar be stamped with the individual apiary location and beekeeper to ensure maximum traceability.

The apiary locations are of particular importance to them, with sites selected based on little to no pesticide use in the area. This is why you’ll find most jars stamped with National Park locations, with the addition of a regenerative farm coming in 2021. To reignite consumers’ love for British honey they’ve had several of their varieties tested for their antimicrobial strength, measured by ‘total activity’ (TA). You’ll find the results of this on the lids of the honeys.

The purpose of this was to scientifically prove that quality, raw, British honey can have similar levels of antimicrobial properties as Manuka honey, but with significantly fewer food miles. As well as using only sustainable beekeeping methods, and working with beekeepers who share their ethos, Black Bee Honey have several products that give back to society and the environment.

This includes their new to 2020 ‘Helpful Honey’ that raises money for a different charity each month. All this plus they’re currently chest deep in the B Corp certification process from the comfort of their biomass powered office in Frome, Somerset.



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