#Help Food Banks Workshop

19th May 2021

Meet Up With Buyers And Distributors

The Help Food Banks Programme

The Help Food Banks Programme is being operated by The Ethically Sourced Network. The Ethically Sourced Network (ESN), is a platform that provides market access for suppliers of ethically sourced and sustainable products.

Under an aspect of the Help Food Banks Programme, Retailers who are supplied by Suppliers, can help to support Food Banks. When ESN Suppliers supply featured Retailers, a donation is made by those suppliers as a percentage of transactions, to Fare Share, the UK's largest hunger fighting charity, to help them support Food Banks.

#Help Food Banks Workshop

The #Help Food Banks Workshop will take place on 19th May, 2021. Ethically Sourced Suppliers will be able to feature the Products in the Online Event Catalogue. The Workshop will feature a Virtual Meet the Buyer event whereby Ethically Sourced Suppliers will be able to meet Buyers Participating in the Programme.

The event will also facilitate online meetings between Ethically Sourced suppliers and distributors that participate in the Programme. This is much needed as people cannot currently meet in person at trade shows.

The Offer To Ethically Sourced Suppliers

Showcase your products and Be Seen. Be seen by participating buyers and distributors.

Connect With Buyers:Feature Details of your Products to Be Seen by Buyers.

Learn About ESN Services. Learn About the Range of Useful services that ESN can Offer.

Access Trade Finance.The ESN Programme can help facilitate the access of Trade Finance For Suppliers, enabling almost immediate payment for suppliers and extended credit terms for Buyers.

Introducing The ESN Blockchain Facilitated Marketplace

ESN is introducing Digitalized Trading For Ethically Sourced Products. The Workshop will also introduce The ESN Blockchain Facilitated Marketplace. This involves the Trading of Asset Tokens for Products o the ESN Blockchain.

Asset Tokens are Digital Assets backed by Physical Assets which can be traded on a Blockchain. Asset Tokenization allows you to convert the rights to to goods being traded into a Digital Token. Features of Asset Tokenization include No Territorial Borders Or Intermediaries, Faster and Cheaper Transactions, and Lower Risk.

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