# Help Food Banks Workshop

By The Ethically Sourced Network (ESN)

Guide For Attendees And Post Event Information

Help Food Banks Workshop Event Guide And Post Event

Guide To Using The Workshop

Welcome to The Help Food Banks Workshop. Individual pages for presenters in the workshop each feature a video and their corporate information under their logo.

An important point to bear in mind about the workshop is that it is the start of a process and not just an event in itself. What this means for Suppliers, is that their information will be made available to Buyers on A continuing basis as part of the programme. A video is featured for each supplier in the workshop. Moving Forward, Buyers will be able to see that video as well as see the information provided by Suppliers on themselves and their products. The Supplier videos are either live interviews in the workshop or Supplier Produced videos.

Continuation After the Workshop of Supporting FareShare Via A Supplier Based Programme

After the workshop, Retailers will continue to be provided Access to the information of Suppliers, to help to support FareShare. When ESN Suppliers supply these Retailers, a donation will be made by those suppliers as a percentage of transactions, to FareShare.

The Hospitality Industry will gradually return to normal as the Lockdown eases up. As this happens, the information and products of Suppliers in the workshop, will be available for Hotels and other Establishments that are interested in using ethically sourced food and products for a range of reasons, and supporting Fare Share as above at the same time.

Continuation After the Workshop of Support via a Local Web Programme

Over 130 web sites for Towns and Cities across the UK will continue to be supporting Food Banks via a local web Programme as detailed below. Some of the Local Websites will be dedicated to supporting Fare Share by Featuring EthicallySourced.Shop. However, most of the local web sites will be supporting Local Trussell Trust Food Banks.

Featured Retailers who are supplied by participating Suppliers, will help to support their Local Food Banks. When those Suppliers supply featured Retailers on the Local Site, a donation will be made as a percentage of transactions, to the Local Food Bank the site supports.

Establishment Of The Ethically Sourced Mark

Being able to easily establish that a product is Ethically Sourced is becoming increasingly important in today's world. The ESN registered Ethically Sourced certification mark enables products to be easily certified as being Ethically Sourced. This will be very useful indeed.

The ESN Ethically Sourced certification mark has already been registered as a European Mark. The launch of the Mark in Europe, in an event that will be part of a co-operation with IBM, will be announced soon. This will provide ESN Suppliers with a gateway to Europe for their products as part of programme that introduces products bearing the Ethically Sourced mark to European markets

Post Workshop

The continuation of support For Food Banks Under the #Help Food Banks Programme

Presentations by Suppliers and Product Information Provided by Suppliers will be provided to Retailers interested in helping Food Banks under the Programme, and the end of the workshop will herald the start of this process

As well as suppliers being requested to complete the Suppliers Questionnaire, during the workshop, questions will be asked of suppliers with responses being passed on to buyers by text or videos on a continuing basis to help them ascertain if they wish to take things further with individual suppliers. Those questions will include questions as detailed below:

  • What is your story?
  • What makes your product different?
  • What’s your goal?
  • How do you distribute your product?
  • Do you do store demos?
  • Where else do you sell your product?
  • Do you have a sell sheet?
  • What’s your promotional schedule?
  • Do you do guaranteed sale/buy back?
  • How much does your product cost?
  • Do you have suitable food safety controls in place?
  • Do you have a third-party certification system in place?
  • Where does the product come from?
  • Are you the primary manufacturer?

    The workshop will also see the launch of the Local Web Network Participation in the Help Food Banks Programme on a continuing basis. Over 130 Web sites for Towns and Cities across the UK are participating in the Programme.

    Some of the sites in the Local Web Network are dedicated to the support of FareShare, e.g. London.WS.

    Other sites in the Local Web Network are dedicated to the support of the Trussell Trust, e.g. Wales.network, and Salisbury.Website


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