# Help Food Banks Workshop Information

19th May 2021

#Help Food Banks Workshop Information

The Help Food Banks Programme

The Help Food Banks Programme is being operated by The Ethically Sourced Network. The Ethically Sourced Network (ESN), is a platform that connects suppliers and buyers of ethically sourced products.

The #Help Food Banks Workshop will take place on 19th May, 2021. It will feature an overview of ESN, Information about Fare Share and a chance to find out more about Fare Share from a Fare Share Representative. It will also feature information about the Trussell Trust, and a chance to find out more about Trussell Trust from a Trussell Trust Representative. The Event Page For the workshop can be accessed Here

Supporting FareShare Via A Supplier Based Programme

Some Major Retailers will be provided Access to the information and products of Suppliers, to help to support FareShare, the UK's largest hunger fighting charity. When ESN Suppliers supply these Retailers, a donation will be made by those suppliers as a percentage of transactions, to FareShare. Suppliers can supply their Product information by using This Form. Suppliers can then be contacted Directly by interested Buyers.

The event will be attended with by a FareShare Representative who works with ambient manufacturers in the food team at FareShare, and who can relay any specific questions back to the retail team.

Support via a Local Web Programme

Over 130 web sites for Towns and Cities across the UK will be supporting Food Banks via a local web Programme as detailed below. Some of the Local Websites will be dedicated to supporting Fare Share by Featuring EthicallySourced.Shop. However, most of the local web sites will be supporting Local Trussell Trust web sites.

Under this Programme, Local Retailers who are supplied by participating Suppliers, can help to support the Trussell Trust and Trussell Trust Food Banks. When those Suppliers supply featured Retailers on the Local Site, a donation will be made as a percentage of transactions, to the Local Food Bank supported by the site.

Introducing The Ethically Sourced Mark

The ESN registered Ethically Sourced certification mark, will provide an extra layer of provenance for Ethically Sourced products, something that is becoming increasingly important in todays world...

The ESN registered Ethically Sourced certification mark, will be very useful to Retailers and Consumers alike, in helping to easily ascertain that a product is indeed Ethically Sourced

Utilization Of The Workshop

To carry on with a continuing support For Food Banks Under the #Help Food Banks Programme

Presentations by Suppliers and Product Information Provided by Suppliers will be provided to Retailers interested in helping Food Banks under the Programme, and the end of the workshop will herald the start of this process

The workshop will also see the launch of the Local Web Network Participation in the Help Food Banks Programme on a continuing basis as above. Presentations by Suppliers and Retailers participating in the Programme will also be utilized to link with organizations interested in helping food banks as above.

Some of the sites in the Local Web Network are dedicated to the support of FareShare, e.g. London.WS.

Other sites in the Local Web Network are dedicated to the support of the Trussell Trust, e.g. Wales.network, and Salisbury.Website

Attendance At The Workshop by Representatives of Trussell Trust Food Banks

The Workshop will be attended by representatives of Trussell Trust Food Banks. Suppliers information is also featured on the Workshop Information page allowing Food Banks To contact them directly if they are interested in their offers

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