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Retailers being featured on this site are helping to support Food Banks. When users of the site click through to make a purchase by following a link from this site, a commission will be donated to FareShare to purchase food For Food Banks.

As such, you can Help Support Food Banks, without a single Sponsored Walk, Run, or Swim, but simply by purchasing Products on this site at normal practices. FareShare is the UK's largest Hunger Fighting Charity

This site will also help to direct donations to help in the distribution by Covax, of a Covid-19 Vaccine. Covax is a World Health Organization initiative set up so that all countries share the risks of vaccine development


Retailers participating in EthicallySourced.Shop, feature Ethically sourced products in a catalogue accessed via the Ethically Sourced .Shop link above . When users of the site click through to make a purchase from the Catalogue, a commission will be donated to FareShare to purchase food For Food Banks.

50% of the sales price of the Commission paid by Retailers will be donated to FareShare to help support Food Banks

Help Support Food Banks

Are you a Retailer looking to help support Food Banks, in a small or big way? You can be featured on this site for FREE but pay commission on sales made via this site. 50% of the commission paid on sales of your product and will be donated FareShare for distribution to Food Banks. You can also donate to FareShare here

FareShare is present in 1,500 towns and cities across the UK. FareShare fights hunger and food waste in two ways. FareShare Regional Centres redistribute surplus food to local charities in their 21 regions, from Grampian down to Sussex. Meanwhile, FareShare Go service operates in nearly every corner of the UK and connects charities directly with food from their local supermarket.

Support Covid Vaccine Distribution

The world’s biggest vaccine portfolio is held by Covax, which is a World Health Organisation Agency that offers a lifeline to poorer countries that could not possibly afford to buy new vaccines for their populations. There are 321 potential vaccines in development around the world. The UK is a member of Covax.

With the development of Covid-19 Vaccines, there now are a number of issues that need to be addressed. These include, amongst other things, the inadequacy of local distribution networks for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Covax needs $2bn. The Vaccine Alliance, Gavi is co-ordinating donations to Covax. Support Covax with a donation direct to Gavi, here.

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