1I am not a Pesticides Supplier or Farming Co-operative. Can I join?
Yes you can, if you are involved in Pesticide Supply chains in any way.
2If I enquire to list my product on the platform, am I obligated to join?
Of course not. Although we welcome all potential partners to join, enquiring about more information and going through the assessment process does not obligate you in any way. It only gives us the opportunity to hear more about your business and to give you the appropriate information about working with us.
3Do I have to pay any fees?
The service is totally free to all Buyers. A small transaction fee applies which will be notified prior to any transaction being enacted.
4Can you review my application to list without product photographs ?
Yes. However, we do require all information to be sent to us if you agree to be listed at the end of the process. Otherwise, we cannot list your products nor your brand.
5What Sort of images should I provide for listing?
We find clear, well-lit photography maximizes sales. In our experience, images of products on mannequins or with black backgrounds do not work as well. We find that a white background works well with the cover photo. Nevertheless, we will let you know if something may work better than the other and guide you to find the right pictures.
6Can I create a store that can be accessed by Co-operative Buyers?
Yes. Please contact us for more information.