Help Food Banks Programme

Information And Benefits For Buyers/Retailers

Retailers Can Increase Sales - While Helping Food Banks

The Help Food Banks Programme

The Help Food Banks Programme is being operated by The Ethically Sourced Network. The Ethically Sourced Network (ESN), is a platform that connects suppliers and buyers of ethically sourced products.

Major Retailers will be provided Access to the information and products of Suppliers, to help to support FareShare, the UK's largest hunger fighting charity. When ESN Suppliers supply these Retailers, a donation will be made by those suppliers as a percentage of transactions, to FareShare. Participating Suppliers have supplied their Product information by using This Form.

Retailers can Benefit From Track And Trace Under the IBM Food Trust Programme And Help Food Banks At The Same Time

The Ethically Sourced Network (ESN) is part of IBM Food Trust. Retailers joining the Help Food Bank Programme, can reap the benefits of IBM Food Trust and Help Food Banks At the same Time. When ESN Suppliers supply Retailers Under the Help Food Banks Programme, a donation will be made by those suppliers as a percentage of transactions, to FareShare.

IBM Food Trust is Built on the IBM Blockchain. It connects participants through a permissioned, immutable and shared record of food provenance, transaction data, processing details, and more.

Utilization of A Local Web Programme by Participating To Support Food Banks

Over 130 web sites for Towns and Cities across the UK are participating in the Local Web programme. How this works is that Featured National Retailers are supplied by participating Suppliers Under the Programme. When those Suppliers supply featured Retailers on the Local Site, a donation will be made as a percentage of transactions, to FareShare.

Sites in the Local Web Network dedicated to the support of FareShare in this Manner include London.WS and

Benefits To Retailers of Products with The Ethically Sourced Mark

Being able to easily establish that a product is Ethically Sourced is becoming increasingly important in today's world. The ESN Ethically Sourced certification mark in the UK is a collective Mark, that is carried by certified members of the Ethically Sourced Network.

The Utilization of the ETHICALLY SOURCED mark in a national network of Town and City Websites, will help the mark to get recognition as a national brand for Ethically Sourced Products. As the Mark is used only on products certified to be Ethically Sourced, it's use in promotional materials should encourage people to buy Ethically Sourced products from Participating Retailers and help them increase sales

The #Help Food Banks Programme

Videos at the launch of the Programme, and Suppliers Presentations and Completed Supplier Forms To Help Buyers Purchase From Retailers Under the #Help Food Banks Programme, can be seen Below


The #Help Food Banks Programme was launched at an online Workshop organized by ESN on 19th May 2021. A video of the welcoming address and ESN Overview given by ESN CEO, Stratis Camtasos, can be seen below.


The # Help Food Banks Programme supports Fare Share an other Food Bank Organizations. A presentation was made by FareShare at the Help Food Banks Workshop that launched the workshop. A video of a response by Fiona Robertson of FareShare, to a query from the ESN CEO, that outlines the good work that FareShare does, and what FareShare requires, can be seen below.



Evo3 Olive Oil

Evo3 is an award-winning, superb quality organic extra virgin olive oil. Evo3 is different from the rest of the brands in the market, not only because of their high quality and innovative product, but also because of the environmental and social cause behind it.

Evo3’s Presentation For Buyers can be seen at:

Evo3’s Completed Supplier Form For Buyers can be seen at:



EPRONTO Ragu is a genuine pasta sauce with meat inside, produced according to a family recipe, and free of artificial ingredients. EPRONTO ragu presents a range of meaty sauces: Bolognese with Beef and Pork, Venison, and Lamb. Recently added: a vegan alternative to Bolognese: Seitan ragu and the delicious Mediterranean with fish.

EPRONTO Ragu's Presentation For Buyers can be seen Here

EPRONTO Ragu Presentation Completed Supplier Form For Buyers can be seen at:

Rebelicious Sauces

We see our sauces as a way for families to tuck into nutritious foods together, without compromising on taste. Here at Rebelicious Sauces, we’ve developed a cook-in sauce to provide a healthy option for babies, toddlers and adults to enjoy.

Rebelicious are healthy sauces and condiments for you and your children to eat together, cutting down time in the kitchen cooking and spending more time with the family.

Containing cloudy cider vinegar with the mother offering vegan gut-friendly bacteria. Contains no refined sugars and no added salt

50% Less Calories, 179% Less Salt, 70% Less sugar, 100% more flavour and certified free from added sugars.

The Rebelicious Presentation can be seen at:

The Rebelicious Completed Supplier Form can be seen at:


Anthea Organics

ANTHEA ORGANICS produces Organic Herbal Tea of premium quality and taste in zero waste packaging. We collaborate with small local producers all over Greece to ensure the excellent quality of its herbal tea. All of our packaging is zero waste. Our tea bags are made from corn starch, they are 100% biodegradable, compostable and plastic free. The internal packaging is made of Nature flex, a 100% home compostable material.

Anthea Organics Presentation can be seen at: _brochure.pdf

Anthea Organics Presentation Completed Supplier Form can be seen at:

Nemi Teas

We are a specialist London-based tea company that offers a variety of tea blends both as loose-tea and teabags and a Chai Syrup. We provide employment to refugees to give them local work experience and job readiness skills to enter the UK workforce and help them integrate into broader society. All our teabags are plastic-free, packaging is bio-degradable, and the teas are Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest-Alliance certified.

Nemi Teas Completed Supplier Form can be seen at:


Black Bee Honey

Founders Paul and Chris met in an office 20 years ago, but their interest in beekeeping led them to London rooftops where they cared for millions of bees. Whilst they still have hives in London, they now also support several other British beekeepers whilst showcasing the best honey the UK has to offer. Their seasonal varieties demonstrate how the taste, texture, and colour of honey changes dramatically due to the flowering plants surrounding the hives at that time of year.

Whilst the company has grown and evolved, the founding principles still prevail; that their honeys remain unpasteurised and unblended, course filtered, and that each jar be stamped with the individual apiary location and beekeeper to ensure maximum traceability.

Black Bee Honey’s Presentation can be seen at:

Black Bee Honey’s Completed Supplier Form can be seen at:


Cornu Cleaning Products

Strong against dirt, gentle on the environment. We offer you a complete range of cleaning products. Varying from interior cleaner and all-purpose cleaner to sanitary cleaner and kitchen cleaner. The cleaning products are ecologically sound, biodegradable and produced with an eye for the environment.

In addition, the cleaning agents work extremely efficiently. Each of our products stands for powerful removal of stains, grease, dirt and lime. These environmentally friendly, effective cleaning products ...

  • Are produced exclusively with environmentally friendly ingredients;
  • Are packed in a 100% biodegradable PVA plastic;
  • Are produced in the Netherlands;
  • Ensuring 90% less CO2 emissions;
  • Help fight the plastic soup in our oceans.

    Cornu Cleaning Products Presentation can be seen at:


    Pri’s Puddings

    At Pri’s Puddings, we are on a mission to indulge the healthy way, creating a scrumptious snacking experience that is better for you, better for the animals and better for the environment.

    We are introducing the 1st Clean Label treats, an emerging trend in Free-From and Snacking. We are challenging the Free from category creating mouth-watering treats, Pocket Sized Pies and Pop Squares from only 5 ingredients. Our treats have 50% less sugar relative to competition, where consumers are exceeding their RDA in 1 serving! All our treats are vegan, gluten free, and 100% recyclable.

    We have 2 product ranges:

  • Pocket Sized Pies: A healthy twist on Reeses Nut butter cups. Miniature oaty pie cups in 3 flavours: Cashew Pie, Pecan Pie, Choco Pie

  • Pop Squares: A healthy twist on American Pop Tarts. Scrumptious pastry bites in 3 flavours: Hazel Nutter, Cinnamon, Raspberry Jam

    Pri’s Puddings Presentation can be seen at:


    Roni B’s Kitchen

    Premium, products, free from any artificial ingredients. Bringing a novel but up and coming cuisine to British tables such as Chilli oils and pastes, Filipino style marinades and cooking sauces, Exotic preserves and ethically sourced.

    Our production partner supports small farmers in Rwanda by sourcing chilli products from them wherever possible and even having Filipino chilli seeds grown there to reduce transport miles.

    Roni B’s Presentation can be seen at:

    Roni B’s Presentation Completed Supplier Form can be seen at:'s_Kitchen_Supplier_form.pdf


    Bonilla Crisps

    One of the things we love about Bonilla a la vista is that there’s no questioning their production process or the source of their ingredients. Each bag is made with two specific varieties of the very best potatoes, which are finely cut and cooked in cold-pressed olive oil that’s carefully refined at 0.4 degrees, and comes fresh from a trusted partner they’ve worked with for years. Each gourmet crisp is then hand-selected for perfection and lightly sea-salted before packing. That’s it: no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

    Bonilla Crisps Presentation can be seen at:

    Bonilla Crisps Presentation Completed Supplier Form can be seen at:

    Skinni Snax

    Skinni Snax Limited is a UK trademark and brand, making a revolutionary, healthy snack, which is changing the concept of snacking with a new narrative and the introduction of a healthy, low-fat snack. Skinni-Snax are distributed and exported worldwide — South Africa, Africa, UK, Europe and the Middle East .

    Skinni Snax is a vegan, crunchy, healthy snack available in three flavours: Cheese and Onion, Thai Sweet Chilli and Smoky Barbeque. High in plant fibre and protein, low in fat and salt. Skinni Snax are manufactured with a stringent process and gone through strict quality tests. Skinni Snax are purely made without any interaction of harmful ingredients, and are FREE from MSG, artificial colourants and additives. Skinni Snax are small biscuit balls, made from chickpea and available in 56gr and 30gr packaging. A healthy snack made up of complex carbohydrates, high in protein and healthy nutrients.

    Skinni Snax Presentation can be seen at:




  • The most natural of sugars, rescued back from Ancient Mediterranean traditions.

  • A liquid sweetener uniquely made with heritage organic grapes grown by small Sicilian farmers.

    Our artisan sugar is simple and unprocessed. This allows us to keep its nutrients and vitamins, lowering its glycaemic load. Yes, you can have it all!

    Swicily is a real food, not an additive. It is highly digestible, rich in nutrients and lower in calories. It contains vitamins, antioxidants and carbohydrates with quality calories that become energy.

    Swicily does not sweeten like other products, but better. The high sweetening power of our blend neutralises the food’s bitter tones whilst maintaining perfectly balanced tastes on cold, hot, or baked food, without ever covering them.

    Changing habits has never been so sweet!

    The Swicily Presentation can be seen at:

    The Swicily Presentation Completed Supplier Form can be seen at:


    Chosan By Nature

    Baobab or Hibiscus based food and drinks. They’re all vegan friendly, gluten free and free from artificial sweeteners and additives. Vegan friendly, gluten free, food and drink products that support consumers and food producers to lead healthy lives. We use exotic fruits and plants as signature ingredients. Our products only contain all natural ingredients and are free from additives, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, and we support women food producers in The Gambia.

    Chosan by Nature's Completed Supplier Form can be seen at:

    Rebelicious Drinks

    The constant stresses of modern life, travelling and work inspired us to create products that help working families to lead more balanced and healthy lives. After discovering CBD, we decided to merge the apparent relaxation aiding properties of CBD with a sustainable outlook on sourcing ingredients for our delicious drinks. Our mission is to create drinks that are good for both you and the environment. That’s why we’re giving 5% of our profits to sustainable charities including Surfers against Sewage.

    We produce Cream Soda and Real Cola: 250ml CBD Drinks with 11MG CBDA - deliciously refreshing, nostalgic tastes, delicious lightly sparkling drinks infused with 15 MG CBD. Made in the UK in 100% recyclable cans.

    Rebelicious Drinks Presentation can be seen at:


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